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This domain is owned by webmaster and was taken down due to discrepancies with ticket sales at the Gadsden Wounded Warrior event and for non payment of Graphic and web design services provided for CM. I am not pretending to be DSE. That's clear. I am opening it as a forum for people to pursue getting refunds, payments or legal advice in filing legal reports against CM. this domain is not even Darkside Entertainment. It is Darkside Entertainment events (ICANN) which exists as a forum for those who feel they got ripped off at recent events. I am not CM or DSE. This is DSEEvents. All data is factual herein and can be checked by third parties referenced. Thank you. Webmaster!
Read below if you were scammed. There are steps you can take that are listed on this page.


UPDATE!5/6/15 @ 10:09PM
! Per Rabbi Sid Vineberg relayed on FB and Chris Medina relayed from PKA from St. Alban's management: "St. Albans has cancelled her event for August. And she was selling tickets illegally through a ticket . St Albans tickets for any event can only be purchased through THEIR website!

note: CM promised a free investigation at St. Albans coming up for anyone upset about tombstone refuunds, chanage of talent, or purchasing their own hotels/food with VIP tickets in hand promising those asked to arrange their own transpo. I guess the statement from St. Albans makes CM's statement null and void as the event (free) has been cancelled and she was charging for it to others...... things that make you say fraud, ,da,da,da,da,dadada! THings that make you say fraud. Listen to Connie Williams Williams (ASAP Entertainment LLC in hour two of )FOR A ONE ON ONE LIVE DOCUMENTED JOURNEY OF THE IN PERSON ACCOUNT OF WHAT HAPPENED TO CM AT TOMBSTONE!

"Carol Malone was supposed to be hosting an event with us in August 2015. ALL ticket sales were supposed to go to St. Albans and I've just learned she is selling tickets through Ticketleap. Do not purchase these tickets. There is not going to be an event at St. Albans in August with DarkSide Entertainment.St ALbans prides ourselves on our repuatation as being honest with the people who purchase our ticketsl aif you have purchased a ticket through ticketLeap, it was not authorized through St. ALBANS! I am trying to contact ticket leap to have this removed," Marcelle Hanauer, Director of St. Albans Sanitoriun said.


DarkSide Entertainment / Carol Malone / london knight / ???????? (It is My unpaid logo work above stolen and still being used for her promotions. It's not the only one.)

Alcatraz/Angel Island Investigation (this event Never Existed acording to Park Service emails - see page 02)

The Gadsden Hotel - Wounded Warriors Lockdown - Despite tickets sold and receipts on page two, no one
purchased tickets for this event per CM, so no donations to Wounded Warriors,,,,,hmmmmm - discrepancies as I saw it!

Sloss Furnace - I heard 30 or so people showed, tickets were not taken through Carol so fraud control basically,and it is labelled a sucess by CM, Start the investigation late!
Someone showed up though promised refunds from the Gadsden event. They were never refunded the cash, just comped stuff..... hmmmmm, not having money seems to be a theme, with a relative embezzling 4k+ and an old partner supposedly embezzling 4000$ plus (not). Why were they not arrested? I call shenanigans!

And last but not least, the disaster at Tombstone. Event holders told to buy their own hotels, no free breakfast, investigation locations not paid so no one was allowed to investigate these unpaid locations.. Airfare not reembursed to talent as promised:Gary, Kevin, Randy, Jeremy , THAT BROKE THEIR CONTRACT BY CM''S OVERSITE OR LACK OF CASH..Contracts were NOT met despite being valid. By Sat this event was cancelled leaving a lot of people stranded. Cancelled on FB of all things. I'll post the original flyer, what was promised and what people actually got. The para people saved this event when CM left town. She got picked up and charged with ripping off businessess for a good amount of money. Back to court in a week or two I assume to address the charges.Her next event is The Apollo. Buy your ticket today!

Above was the original flyer created for these events. Notice how many talent bailed or got axed.DSE is not a talent agency. The listed talent was a flyer I did that showed who was speaking at events.If you paid VIP tickets to see Bruce Springsting, wouldn't you want you refund if they switched it to the smurfs on ice at the last moment? Or ask for a refund and get blocked and banned from CM's FB sites with no response? Or your included hotel and investigations are not included at the last minute?
This is posted for example purposes only. More graphics arts work above that I didn't get compensated for as well.
Look at how many names and promises are gone from this original flyer if you bought a ticket and showed up?????? lots! scam!

I did not create the above flyer, I believe Chris Medina said he did as well as the original Sloss flyer. Just making that clear,Look at alll the investigation locations and all the talent tht didn;t or couldn't show up? that's a lot who didn't. Look at the places that were only investigated if you paid out of pocket or were not investigatable because the 2nd half of down deposits were not paid by CM? Where did all that money go?

TOMBSTONE WENT OUT OF ITS WAY TO welcome the abandoned DSE peeps. Kudos to them for also turning a bad into a good........ cool peeps. Lets make it up to them for someone elses mistakes.....


I wanted to take a moment to thank John Albrecht Jr. for his collaborative efforts in helping me expose the SCAM ARTIST, Carol Malone, a.k.a. London Knight. I could not have done this without your help and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you and the EXAMINER on this investigation. I would also like to ask that each and every single person who was scammed by Carol Malone to take a few minutes out of your day to call the Tombstone Marshal's Office at #520-457-2244 and ask to file THEFT charges against Carol Malone. Because she canceled the event on Saturday and walked out of town and took everyone's money she can now be charged with this crime in AZ. THIS IS NOT A CIVIL MATTER, it is a criminal matter! Getting a refund for the event is a CIVIL MATTER!! You will speak with an officer and give your report over the phone and then you will need to write a statement of your events while in Tombstone and either mail it or scan it and email it to the Marshal's office! Carol will then be given a date to be in court and YOU will also be notified when the court date is coming up so that you can attend if you want to but you do not have to attend. Also, please go to this man's Facebook page and send him a friend's request! He is the Producer for a show that Carol Malone has been contracted on and even if he doesn't accept your Friend's request, send him a message and let him know who he is about to represent!!! Also call his office and let him know too! His name is Tim Kessler and here's the Facebook link to his page: Here is his phone number too! TKO Media, Inc. #323.304.4820 We want to get his attention!!

Victims of "A Haunting at Tombstone" are urged to contact authorities as soon as possible and make a police report with Marshal John Houston at the Tombstone Marshal's office. They can be reached at 520-457-2244 and are located at 315 East Fremont Street in Tombstone, Arizona. To file a report with the United States Federal Trade Commission, contact 1-877-FTC-HELP or a report can be filed online via their website. To contact fraud investigators in Petersburg, Virginia, call 804-861-1212 to speak with someone at the Crime Solvers. See video report with John Albrecht and Connie Williams for interviews with guests and business owners.

Pay Pal purchasers to one or more of her multiple accounts, see page two a bit down the page!

HEAD UP AGAIN PEOPLE!!!! IF You gave Carol Malone your credit card number for any reason you need to check your bank statements because we now know where she stayed on Saturday night when she was seen walking out of town! She stole this man's credit card number and got a room at Lookout Lodge about a mile outside of town!!!!!

Connie Williams-Williams's photo.


Below are updated links related to the Tombstone scandal and CM. Let's start with the bogus court cases she filed, shall we?

Court Case of Carol Malone vs. Evan Jenson - Dismissed with predudice. She hung up on the judge it is runored
Court Case of Carol Malone vs. Dan Mewhinney - Continued
Court Case of Carol Malone vs Leslie Lobe Shelton - Dismissed. Carol was held in contempt of court and booked before being released

Court Case Continued - Carol Malone vs. Daniel Mewhinney - Dismissed - she had nothing to stand on other than admitting she still owed $3500 which she was suing me for out of jurisdiction,,,,,dumb


This all happened between the Holidays and April 2015. Three strikes and one booking for contempt against Carol Malone. We don't see any more lawsuits coming from CM, we see them being focused at suing CM for fraud related to the Tombstone event and ripping off businesses in the town for a lot of money, cancelling the event Saturday morning and leaving town only to be picked up by local deputies or marshals. Enjoy the links. Some, like the terminally ill woman ripped off for a grand will tear at your heartstrings....



The Tombstone Gazette is putting my Carol Malone story in print in their newspapers tomorrow morning. smile emoticon…/carol-malone-aka-london-knight-scams-hau… A terminally ill woman gets ripped off for over a thousand dollars. good job CM!

— withConnie Williams-Williams.
above article is one of the best to put it into perspective!

<------click for a good set of interviews from victims
An event planner allegedly scammed people out of thousands of dollars at a historic old west town in Arizona on Saturday. The Virginia woman cancelled multip...
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Connie Williams-Williams There is also a Facebook page for the Tombstone Marshal's Office too!


Page 02 - the beginning of it all - Read the humble beginning and see the screenshots and refusals to refund ticket money last October when we tried to stop her actions for our own liabity.....